With virtualization, hybrid infrastructures, mobile computing and BYOD creating more connected, collaborative and flexible working environments, security is top of mind for solution providers.

Selling antivirus and anti-malware technology to protect against ransomware isn’t always simple. Channel partners are bogged down by obstacles, such as the costs of security offerings and ensuring their clients understand the different solutions available.

Adding to the complexity are recent op-eds which debate whether antivirus is effective for protecting against ransomware. Headlines of breaches are aplenty, and end users are showing concern about their data and interest in ransomware solutions. Still, most resellers and MSPs are resorting to backup as their primary method of dealing with ransomware threats.

On top of this, customers are hesitant to engage with more in-depth security measures until a breach occurs, putting solution providers in a tricky situation. Partners are struggling to commit to selling anti-ransomware products that they cannot guarantee will keep their clients protected.

What else is hindering channel partners’ efforts to protect clients from ransomware? What can they do to move past these issues and capitalize on market needs? In this exclusive webinar - brought to you by Channelnomics, in partnership with VIPRE Security – our panel of channel experts will discuss the complexities partners are facing in the antivirus, antimalware and ransomware space and how to overcome them to succeed in the market.


David Corlette

Director of Product Management, VIPRE Security

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Scharon Harding

Deputy Editor, Channelnomics

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Scharon Harding joined Channelnomics in March 2015. Since then she has covered any and all breaking channel news and analysis. Connecting with partners, analysts, vendors and experts via events, conferences and more, she seeks out everything the Channelnomics audience needs to know. Scharon joined Channelnomics from a lifestyle title covering technology, business, news, entertainment and more.

Gregory Faoro

Gregory Faoro Senior Account Manager / New Client Development, Guardian Network Solutions

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SMB IT solutions provider who specializes in selling network security software and hardware.

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