Join us on June 22 at 1:00 PM EDT for this exclusive webinar. You’ll find out how effortless it is to transfer your Office 365 clients and still make profit, in 3 simple steps!

As of June 30, Microsoft is ending its Advisor program and you will no longer be able to earn commission as a ‘Partner of Record’ reselling Office 365. What alternatives do you have before the deadline?

Transfer your clients to SherWeb’s Advisor program and it is a win-win for both you and your customers; you will receive a boost in your commission, and they will get top-rated technical support.

Join us for this exclusive ‘Last Chance’ webinar to find out just how quick and easy the transfer process is.

Our experts will be covering:

• The technical details - How to transfer to SherWeb
• The financials of the transfer
• How best to communicate the transfer with clients


Simon Langlois

Marketing Strategist, Office 365, SherWeb

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Simon is the Office 365 Marketing Strategist at SherWeb. He specializes in communications and collaboration technologies and has a keen interest in market trends and how they affect business applications. Simon has worked for large companies, such as IBM Canada, and has a solid understanding of the challenges faced by many IT departments.

Marie Belisle

Sales Coordinator, SherWeb

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Marie is a Sales Coordinator at SherWeb, specializing in assisting and collaborating with Partners and their customers. She has handled hundreds of customer transfers from the Microsoft Advisor Program to SherWeb’s CSP Program. She is an expert on the technical and financial aspects of transfers, and knows the best way of communicating the process with customers.

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