Moving your customers to the cloud is a journey, there’s no doubt about that. And it’s a journey that can often present complications, questions and hesitation, usually on the part of the customer, but also for the MSP.

The cloud journey, however, can also be a journey that is calm, structured and easy to navigate, if the MSP has the right approach, the right staff, the right technology, and the confidence to guide their customers along the cloud path with a calm, steady, knowledgeable hand.

Your trusted advisor status is more important than ever when embarking on a cloud migration with a client, so what are the key questions you need to be prepared to answer? What are the major obstacles you might come up against and so need to be prepared for before you encounter them? And how can you help your customer make the transition to cloud with ease, confidence and peace of mind?

To answer these questions and set you up with the tools and know-how you need to succeed in migrating your customers to the cloud, join us for an exclusive webinar on succeeding in customer cloud journeys, presented by Channelnomics and Quest.

Our panel of channel experts will be discussing exactly how to be the leader and trusted advisor your customers need on their cloud journeys, while also detailing how you can manage your own cloud questions and challenges, and develop processes that will make for a smooth experience every time and give you the opportunity to grow your business and become a leader in your space.



Nigel Wright

Vice President of Sales for Abtech Technologies

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Nigel Wright has a 25 year career in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing. Originally from the UK, Nigel now lives in Carlsbad, California. In his current role as Vice President of Sales for Abtech Technologies, Nigel has helped Abtech to develop strategic relationships with their main hardware and software vendors and grown Abtech’s sales teams across the US.  He has also recently taken the job of developing a marketing plan for the business.

Abtech is a total IT solution provider designing, supplying and integrating IT solutions whilst also managing, supporting and protecting client’s critical business IT systems throughout their lifecycle.  Abtech also has an established cloud business providing fully managed hosting, backup and disaster recovery services to small to medium-sized clients who need a partner they can rely on to be there when they need them.

Abtech has been a Quest partner for over 10 years. Abtech has a team of engineers certified for Quest Rapid Recovery, NetVault and Shareplex products. In addition, our cloud backup and disaster recovery solution is certified by Quest to integrate with Rapid Recovery for offsite replication and cloud spin up. Close



Adrian Moir

Sr. Consultant, Product Management for Quest Data Protection

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With a background in electrical and electronic engineering, has over 30 years’ experience working in the IT industry throughout both corporate and channel based businesses. In recent years before Quest Software (formally Dell Software), architecting and delivering web centric digital asset management solutions for the pre-media market place. More recently, as the EMEA Pre-Sales Manager for the Dell Software Data protection team and EMEA Technical director for BakBone Software, ensuring delivery of presales activities throughout the region. Adrian currently works within the Data Protection product team at Quest and continues to drive the technology portfolio and work as a product evangelist. Close



Michael Murphy

Founder and President of VirtuIT Systems

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Michael is the Founder and President of VirtuIT Systems. Over the past 11 years Michael has taken VirtuIT from a 2-person company to almost 50 people as it is today. Under Michael’s direction VirtuIT has grown and maintained a reputation of excellence in the IT industry. On a personal level, Michael is a twenty-five-year IT veteran, having spent the majority of his career focused on data protection and business continuance. Prior to founding VirtuIT, Michael worked in many technical, customer facing positions, for top industry leading IT firms; winning many technology focused awards. Over the years Michael has been published, and quoted in many industry specific journals. Michael holds a B.S. from City University of New York. Close

Jessica Meek

U.S Editor, Channelnomics

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